Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Feeling stiff, tired, unenthused or distracted? Another day of low energy? Come into Steamtown Hot Yoga today and feel the immediate benefits of this practice. Hot yoga will bring you peace of mind, clarity, and flexibility, regardless of your current physical state. Get into the heat and feel the transformation immediately!

Why Do Yoga?

Yoga addresses the whole body, from the inside out. It works the parts of the body that you see and the parts you can’t see. With regular practice, you will be more toned with increased strength, stamina, and flexibility. The postures are challenging, fun, and students start feeling positive effects even after one class. Other benefits include accelerated weight loss, stress reduction, improved balance, mental clarity, concentration, peace of mind, and a greater love of life.

Why Choose Steamtown Hot Yoga?SAGE Recipient

Hot Yoga is held in a heated room to stimulate blood circulation,  your muscles, joints, organs, glands, and every system of the body—even the nervous system.

We follow a therapeutic Yoga Lineage designed to heal the body and maximize your potential. During Hot Yoga class, freshly oxygenated blood systematically reaches every organ in the body and any damaged cells. This class is designed to restore and strengthen, bringing your body, mind, and spirit into optimal health, balance, and harmony.

Studies have shown the Infrared Heating System we use to bo effective for:

  • Pain relief from acute tissue, muscle and joint pain and chronic joint pain from conditions like arthritis.

  • Skin health and collagen production

  • Weight loss

  • Detoxifying Sweating – the infrared technology induces a detoxifying sweat

  • Infrared heat does not pressurize the room. This means breathing is easier and the air you take into your lungs is not hot, but soothing with the right amount of moisture. This makes a notable difference to our asthmatic students compared to a forced hot air gas system and for our contact lens wearers, whose eyes and lenses do not dry out in the Hot Yoga Room.

Join our CommunityDSC_4176-2

The Steamtown Yoga Community represents every kind of student—couch potatoes, bodybuilders, athletes, dancers, gymnasts. If you don’t own running sneakers or if you are a marathon runner, this practice is for you. If you can bench press a car, or if you don’t know what bench pressing is, this practice is for you. Whatever your challenge is, we will help. Damaged knees? This practice is for you. Tight hamstrings? This practice can help. Trouble sleeping? That’s right, this practice is for you. If you want to ease stress, tone your body and get into shape, this practice is for you.

Make the commitment today to transform yourself! We look forward to seeing you in class!

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