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121 North Washington Ave. Scranton.

How might Steamtown Yoga help you?

What a great experience! Being new to hot yoga, I was concerned if I could handle the heat. After my first class, I craved the heat! The classes are intense and therapeutic, for both the mind and the body. It is a great workout to release the toxins and improve the body. Lara and John, the owners, are welcoming, informative and so positive! The teachers are very helpful and guide newbies all the way. The vibe there is amazing. I highly recommend SHY.

~Danielle Fleming

I started right after having my 3rd child. After seeing the results, I only wish I had discovered yoga much sooner. I am a better mother. I am a better person. I can give so much more to my family and others around me because I feel good about myself inside and out.

- Lynn Laboranti

SHY is an excellent studio with an even more amazing staff. I started doing yoga for an ongoing headache issue, but have found that it helps me in more ways than I would have ever imagined. I recommend this studio for anyone even slightly interested in yoga, you will not be disappointed! Namaste

-Aniell Nyzio

Hot Yoga really has changed my life. I have lost 15 pounds, relieved of ALL neck and back pains and am more focused. I walk a little taller, feel more energized and have way more confidence in decisions made, personally and professionally. Once you start, you will not want to stop!! Many many many thanks

-Scott Revord

(Graduate of our 200 hour teacher training program.)

After Yoga

Before Yoga

Weight loss and a greater sense of self are by far the biggest accomplishments that I have achieved. I am truly grateful for Lara and the studio. Lara has provided a true home away from home that inspires all to reach their true potential.

-Laura Wolfe, pictured at left today through yoga and at right before yoga

I’ve had 4 major spine surgeries. One of which has caused me to become even more crooked. I’m very self conscience of the way I look. ( except at Steamtown Yoga ) Truly the most judge free place and people that anyone will ever meet!!

You can have the most stressful and miserable day of your life. Walk into Steamtown Yoga. Pounds aren’t the only thing to melt away. You won’t even remember that you had a bad day.